19 June 2008

Changing Lanes

You need to get into the right mindset my friend, this is definitely not healthy.

You cannot quit your job, fly to the other side of the world to help people for an extended period of time and have the mindset that is just going to be one big fun holiday. Get it together!

This is going to be hard - so hard - there will be long, painful and I'm sure lonely nights atop a toilet. There will be religious ceremonies at 5 in the morning and overtones of daily monsoonal rain. There are going to be stray dogs talking to you from the street through all hours of the night. Power outages, poor people and gigantic language barriers. Not to mention the precious friends, relatives, and generally many of the things that you take for granted are not going to be waiting for you when you wake up.

You have been waiting. Constantly waiting:
- waiting for the projects to be released
- waiting till the submission date
- waiting to hear whether you have been shortlisted or not
- waiting until the Germany/Italy holiday
- waiting to leave your current job
- still waiting until Training is complete
- after that - waiting until your friend's wedding
- then you will be waiting until you leave.

Start thinking and stop waiting, plan and get your head in the right spot!


Ruby said...

oooh!!! yes, getting your mind into gear is very very important;) Good luck with that!!!

Amy xxoo said...

You're working with the Fred Hollows Foundation ? That should be sweet - i was thinking of doing their challenge maybe next year or the year after..... looking forward to your stories!