10 November 2008

The Good Bits

So apparently I have been making it sound like Nepal is unbearable. I have absolutely no idea what would give anyone that impression, but thought I would make a post of all the really cool stuff that has happened or that I see everyday, or that puts a smile on my face. I warn you now, if I ever complain, its usually because I find negative things rather more comical. I think most people do. That's why we have sitcoms, and like watching people cry on Big Brother. Misery is more entertaining than a list of happy feel-good things.

Nevertheless, let's stop wasting time:

Raju lifting the phone of the hook, taking his shoes off, putting his feet up on the desk and saying, "Rob, I sleep", and promptly doing so.

- Copping out on my Halloween costume and just going as a "local biker" - this is what I wear to work everyday BTW, (sans 2Pac shirt obviously, that was there to make me more "local", I just couldn't find a Britney Spears shirt to look hardcore)

Rosie after the Halloween party in an effort that just goes to prove that you never can exaggerate the danger of sewage filled manholes.

Trekking awesome-ness

Hashing goodness

The amazing people that I have met here (I have more than one for every single day). I made a specific list just to see how many I had. Its an amazing list, with entries such as "chow mein guy", "chow mein guy's wife", mohan's family, "grumpy fruit man" but also such amazing names as all the other AYADs and various volunteers I have become friends with, Raj, Gunga, oh yeah! And the "loud female rights activist lady".

["smiling kiosk dude" from work]

The "Australian Big Day Out in Kathmandu" - a bizarre spectacle of 'Australian culture' right here in the Du. Complete with dancing and of course, man-love.

The local equivalent to a lorry passing me on the way to work.


Sunrise over the Du.


Amy xxoo said...

So what Australian culture did they have at this big day out exactly ?

Oooh and photos = awesome.

Isa said...

Hey, I don't think you make it sound apalling or negative at all! Maybe you should subtitle your Blog "Dash does Kathmandu - telling it like it is!"

Maybe it's just because life as an AYAD isn't a holiday, and most people seem to expect that if you're overseas you MUST be having a holiday...?

Anyway, whatever the reasons - I am really enjoying the blog - keep up the good work!

po said...

From reading your posts I certainly did not get the impression that Kathmandu is unbearable, but fascinating yes!

I think the best blogging material is often about things which are odd or different to what you are used to and this may give an impression of dissatisfaction. But I definitely don't get that impression from your blog.

Tim said...

good stuff bro....well put and I got a smile at most of those comments, one or two giggles, and a few aaaahhhhhhhhs (with yearning).

Love it, sounds like a paradise!

Dash said...

big day out had a lot of nepali stalls that import austrlian wine and fruit juice on sale. There was a band of Nepali's up front (with one white guy, from Scotland I think), there were Australian Universities doing recruitment. I think myself and the Australian ambassador (who was there to open) were the only actualy Australians, and the picture of the harbour bride behind the band...lol