21 February 2009

AlooRob! [dat da da daaaa]

Po, your friendly DNA mutating seamonkey, has been gracious enough to regularly visit (and even COMMENTS! please contact her if you are struggling with the phenomenon).  But she wanted to actually know something about me.  So I present, Pos' interview questions for PotatoRob!

So, um, what is it EXACTLY that you do?
Good question.  At the moment I am a Research Officer at an Eye Hospital in the Nepal.  Meaning I do just about anything but research.  Unless we are talking about the research I do for myself on the internet when I'm supposed to be 'researching'.  In real life, I'm a Health Information Manager.  I could talk about it for hours, but let's just say I translate the geek speak for the doctors and the med speak for the nerds.

How do you spend an "average" day, if there is such a thing?
When in a negative frame of mind, I would say my average day consists of arguing pointlessly for something that might make things better around here.  That, and adding or removing articles from research papers written by staff at the hospital.  "The Nepal" is the most frustrating mistake I come across.  Normal expressions are somehow used inexplicably in the wrong context, or over-used ad nauseum.  Including, but are not limited to "til date", "nowadays", "developing countries like Nepal".  That one is particularly annoying, because I am sure they cannot quite possibly mean to exclude developing countries that are unlike Nepal.  I mean, how many countries are landlocked between the two thundercats of the early 21st century, China and India?  With altitudes ranging from 60 metres above sea level to 8848 metres at the top of Everest, does Fiji really compete?  What developing country IS 'like Nepal'?
But an average day involvs providing advice on data collection for research, explaining the information output to the managers, and playing refereee to the arguments unleashed in the office between Nhukesh 

and Raju

It's easier to be referee when you don't speak the language.  That way you can actually differentiate which one is being childish, even without understanding.

What are your plans for the next few years?
I get back to Australia in July.  At which point I fully intend to spend an annoying amount of time with my girlfriend, Lauren, who has been incredibly tolerant with my now 7 month long disappearance.  I'm talking about the amount of time that would normally encourage friends to whinge and bitch.  I'm hoping to pick up some work with a health IT software company as a Business Analyst and find some time to start and potentially complete a Masters in Business Administration.  And get a dog who will be a Rotty named Nuffy and love me more than chew toys and be gloriously slobbery (and chase DJ's cat Snickers).

What would you like to change or improve about yourself?
I argue with people.  I don't know when to stop.  I argue with my girlfriend, friends, with my mother and I refuse to accept other points of view as if no one but me could be right.  I try to make everyone agree with me.  But even when they do agree with me I'm not happy about it.  Why?  Because, if everyone agrees, what kind of boring world are we living in?  It's not a good habit, its caused a lot of tear but I'd like to be more accepting of alternative points of view, and know when to keep my gigantic mouth shut.

What are your weaknesses?
As above.  But also I don't concentrate on one task for very long.  Like a goldfish that got stood on by an elephant.  FOr someone that organises and understands information for a living I have no concept of how to keep a diary or avoid papers cluttering up my office, car and even on some occaisions, my bed (when you run out of room everywhere else it doesn't seem so strange...)

What are you really afraid of?
Settling. In all its forms.

What sports do you like to play?
My brother and I used to play an incredibly active game of cowboys and indians.  We would spend 1-2 hours setting up little plastic cowboys and indians around the room and then start throwing stuff at each others 'troops'.  Classic entertainment.  Kids just don't seem to get that excited about it these days.
Actually I love watching the Aussie Rules, Rugby and Cricket, but play touch footy, and mixed netball.  

when you were a kid, what do you want to be?
I went through a lot of phases.  A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (and in all honesty, who didn't?), Monkey Magic, a farmer (I don't know where that one came from), a scientist (just like my hero Po!) and a physio.  I didn't make any of those, but I did dress up as Donatello once though...

What really aggravates or annoys you in other people?
I thought long and hard about this one.  I wanted to say 'ignorance', but I realised that ignorance can be OK.  No one knows everything about everything, and many people have different opportunities to develop their knowledge of the world.  I'm like to say 'intolerance', but I'm probably one of the most intolerant people I know.  

I think I have to say 'indifference'.  People who give up taking control of their own lives or situations, believing nothing they do has any value or point.  The idea that you can have no impact on your surroundings, the people you see everyday.  That you cannot change anything.  You might not be able to change the world, but you can change your world.  Very Ghandi.


po said...

Awesome Dash. You answered all of them!

I have to admit, I still don't quite get what exactly it is you do, probably because I have never heard of such a thing in my life. But it is somewhat clearer now.

Ignorance does not bother me too much either. I agree with indifference, although I know I do suffer from it myself sometimes.

I really enjoyed reading this :)

Tim said...

You are a Cranky old Bastard aren't you....Oh well. It's all about charm. And it wasn't just once that you dressed up as Donatello...face it.

Ignorance is alright as long as it is concious ignorance. A mate has taught me something about it.....there are four states of mind: concious incompetance, unconcious incompetence, unconcious competance and concious competance. Many people think we are the latter.....Truth be known, most of us dangle at the unconcoius incompetance but don't realise it because of our ignorance.....I hope that makes sense. Ignorance gets on my nerves for sure - i just wish it didn't sound so bad....it's not a bad thing as long as you recognise it!

Dash said...

po: back home I work on information systems in hospitals. try to be an expert on how information flows in the health care setting, determining how to get it to the people that need it when they need it and where necessary explaining to teckies how a system should work.

Timmy: you're totally right, that's a management thing I went through ages ago, it wouldn't hurt to remember those lessons though. When you know where someone is coming from, its a lot easier to work with them. I think the most interesting are the unconsciously competent.

Amy xxoo said...

Very Ghandi indeed ... except the throwing stuff at each others troops part.

I think that would have been a little too violent for Ghandi....

po said...

Hey, STrange Shores is out on my blog and you are in it.

LadyFi said...

Loved reading your answers!

We're all ignorant in the sense that we don't know everything right? But if we're ignorant because we just don't care and couldn't be bothered, then that IS irritating!

Dash said...

thanks LadyFi! And welcome, I really love the idea of your strange shores thing, am sure to find some fantastic blogs from it.

Amy, you'd be the favoured child ;) But you should have played! Its the most stress relieving game. Maybe we should make a bigger version.

Thanks for putting me in Po, I'll have to check it out. Have been off the map for 2 days (practically a lifetime for me)!

Tamara said...

Awesome post, Dash, I'm with you on indifference - what are people without passion? Nothing, in my opinion.