22 April 2009

Langtang by Camera

[took us 6 hours to realise that the driver didn't know there was supposed to be oil in the car]

[I guess there'll be no hot water this morning then?]

[no child, its my camera]

[playing in snow, i never get tired of it]

[Himalayas - word]

[mastered the hill of death]

[Kamal thought he'd check in on the wife and kids]

[still slightly delerious from the hill of death, hair's so long!]

[Jojo pretends to be unimpressed, those aren't clouds kids...]

[in a pathetic attempt to dry my clothes i hang them from the back of my pack during the day...it doesn't work]

[Krishna and Subas borrow our sunnies to avoid snow blindness]

[Clint surveys the Gosaikunda]

[there aren't words]

[our highest point, 4600m - Gosaikunda Pass]

[view from 4600m - Surya Peak ~5000]


Amy xxoo said...

Nice pics Dash .... and i applaud your clothes drying idea, even if it didnt work. You gotta give these things a go, right ?

Dash said...

yeah the weather was just too bad, as I mentioned come 1 o'clock everyday the sun ran away.

dave said...

great pics there! Giving me an urge to head up there too, actually.. But solo, that´s not an option.. Not yet, anyway. :D Too busy hanging out at the New Orleans Cafe and editing the next vid. :D cheers, dave

Tim said...

can't wait bro - even if I have to do it myself......sigh

Isa said...

Awesome pics, Dash!

Spear The Almighty said...

I'll try it with a chopper thanks. :)