17 July 2008

1 Day In

WOW. Have arrived. We are absolutely exhausted. Now about 9pm.

We went to look at the place Susan (our In Country Manager) thought would be good for me, but the landlord had put an extra padlock on the door and we couldn't get in. I hopped around the back to see if I could see in, but I couldn't get all the way around. THe unit is in a block of apartments and up a level, so as I tried to go around the back I was up above on a balcony and I looked down to see a gigantic rat running away. HMMM, we'll wait to see the inside tomorrow.

I had my first shower after dinner, it was SOOOOOO good, I also had to work out how to use a bidet without an instruction manual. Not a comfortable experience. Call me weird, but I have managed to get this far in life without having to worry about that. Essentially the problem is that you can't flush toilet paper down, or it will clog everything up. Solution, shoot some cold water up your petoot and wipe away.

We've already had it shower twice, once on the way back from dinner and we definitely weren't attired appropriately, no umbrella, no raincoats and about 10 minutes to walk in the rain. It really is different though, cars and scooters everywhere. Tiny little mini-vans with 30 people piled into them.

Everyone toots to let you know that they are coming, so its just a constant din. Technically, one drives on the left. But given the likelihood of the bus you are following stopping randomly in the middle of the intersection, its every man for himself. Just prey your horn is louder than the next guy's. Everyone is trying to sell you stuff and many have asked me "smoke?". I'll let you interpret that how you will.

Day after tomorrow though we are going to a place called Club Himalaya. Its a sort of hotel up in the mountains over looking the Kathmandu Valley, which will be pretty sweet. But then back to town for the rest of the week. I won't actually start work until Monday week. I really need the time to settle in, I feel like I know nothing about this place. But then again, I haven't really slept in 36 hours, so I'm kind of walking around like a bit of a starry-eyed 5 year old.

I'll see if I can remedy that by tomorrow.

What an experience!


Amy xxoo said...

God, i so want to bet there! Thats how i felt getting off the plane in Vietnam but i was only there for a holiday .... your living over there!

Good luck with acclimatising before you start work!

Dash said...

yeah, its warm, but so are many of the people.

Off to Nargakot (Club Himalaya) tomoz. YIPPEE! Will be nice to be out of town for a little bit and get some perspective.