13 July 2008

3 days out

Three days to go and I think I have finally dealt with my concerns about getting into the right mental space.

It has been almost 3 weeks since pre-departure training. It feels like a lifetime ago. The reports are already starting to trickle in from the guys that have already left. To be honest, the report from the Thailand kids was more than a little discomforting. After little over 3 days one was in hospital and many more had gastro.

I was watching Blood Diamond on TV the other day, and it really helped drive something home for me. Its a thing that many people have tried to impress on us all through this process. "Don't expect to change the world". Leo di Caprio is playing a Rhodesian who goes on a rant (with what to me was a rather impressive Zimbabwean accent) to the American reporter: "You come here with your laptop computers, your malaria medicine and your little bottles of hand sanitizer and think you can change the outcome, huh? ".

I went climbing the mountain (a hill in Nepali terms) near my house that I used to climb all the time as a kid. It was so peaceful up the top. There were no trucks, cars, dogs or even animals. Just the wind over the grass and me, and the valley in front of me. I think that did a lot to help my state of mind. I am calm and cool and can do this, WOOT!


Amy xxoo said...

I'm so excited for you! I didnt get a chnace to saya proper goodbye last night so goodbye, good luck and keep us all posted!

pjwilco said...

Hi Dash

This is PJW from BHS. Just to let you know that I am tracking your journey and sharing the content with the others. cheers P.

Dash said...

Good to hear team, good to hear.

Leaving tonight. "Finished" packing at 2am this morning. When I say "finished", I mean, I finished the first one. There's stillone to go.

PJW, who exactly is that? Is that code?