18 August 2008

Sunday is Load Sharing Night

Sunday night is load sharing night. It's fantastic. Its like forced quiet time. Something I might enforce on myself when I return home.

Sunday afternoon/evenings, when I come home, I often forget. Usually though, Jingo (my name for the little puppy that lives next door) is there to meet me. He is usually tied up outside the neighbour's door in the late afternoon. He gets so excited when I come around the corner that sometimes he wets himself. But he is the most beautiful little puppy. I must get a photo (mental note: put that on the to do list to get done at some point in the time before he's no longer a puppy).

Moments after I arrive inside, at say 5pm, and switch on the lights, they go out. "Ahhh that's right, it's load sharing night!" It's quiet. There's no music, no blaring dodgy 40 rupee DVD's playing in the distance and only the occaisional dog barking. No one appears to be out washing clothes, dishes or yelling at the top of their lungs at one another. The creaky old water well is silent. Brodij's wife is comparing weeds in the back garden and there is a general state of calmness about my whole environment.

I light up a candle and open up my journal. Its time to do some writing! It's a fantastic time to reflect and force myself to forget everything else out there for a little while. A time to slow down from the weekend's events and get back into work mode. To get an early night's sleep and prepare for the week ahead.

I think I will instigate load-sharing night when I get home, even if it is only so I can have a cold shower by candlelight.

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Amy xxoo said...

That sounds absolutely fantastic, minus the cold shower part....