21 August 2008

Load Sharing vs Traffic

More aptly, the subject of this post should be "how to get lost with the involvement of a dog or two, a bicycle, an aeroplane, no lights and dirty glasses".  I had to content myself with combining the title of two previous posts and shall attempt to make it witty (even if it is only me reading this stuff).
Tonight in the space of an hour, I did a lot of stuff.  The best way to tell you about it is probably to travel back in time and relive some thought and moments with you.
  • Kupendol's lights are all out, it must be their load-sharing night...make sure you don't die in the traffic that not only can't see youi, but also doesn't care if they wipe you out! note to self, add an item to that ever-increasing to do list.  Get some lights for your bike!
  • This doesn't really look like Ratna Park.  I remember more one-way-ness and less petrol queues.  Meh, what do you know gut instinct?  I choose to ignore you.
  • Yep, you weren't meant to cross the river again...I tink you might be about to get quite uncomfortably lost.
  • You have never been here before what on earth are you doing?  You can't be in the bum end of nowhere, you're technically in the middle of Kathmadu!  Perhaps, due to the busy-ness we'll call it the empty abdomen of Kathmandu.
  • Hmmmm,. the lights are still out here, maybe this load-sharing business is just rubbish and really the whole town is out each night.
  • Clean glasses = no glare from headlights - next time, clean your glasses
  • This looks familiar, I'm not going to turn back yet.
  • Invest in a gas mask for future "let's get lost" style adventures.
  • Look at that oddly shaped plastic bag sticking out of that shop door....HOLY TRUCK!  That's a dog's tail! [swerve to other side of the road narrowly avoiding not only the dog's tail, but a motorbike, taxi and 3 small children]....[pat self on back for quick thinking]
  • If I took that wrong turn, that means I'm west of where I should be, I just need to go east.  So, which way is that?
  • HOLY TRUCK that "puddle" was actually a ogre-sized hole half way to China!
  • Note to self: avoid man-eating potholes in the future, even if you think you can see the bottom [note for others: if the puddle actually looks solid.....it's not]
  • Apparently, to a dog, a motorbike halted in traffic is just as appealing as any old fire hydrant.
  • Maybe I should turn back, no wait!  That pothole looks like I've been in it before.  I must be on the right track.
  • Hmmmm traffic jam, I have no time for you, I am taking this road with no cars on it, that just so happens to also be approximately at the river's water level.
  • No no, I'm sure mud is actually GOOD for your jeans.
  • Who knew that there was a mountain biking trail in the abdomen of Kathmandu?
  • NO matter what your situation, in the future, you cannot judge EAST by a plane going in particular direction to land.
  • Wait!   I have a compass!  I love you sweet compass!  Take me home!
  • A compass is only really useful to a person that has a pretty good idea of where they were in the first place.
  • I hate you stupid compass!  You are not wortth the 20c I spent on you!
  • Sweet sweet compass.  I take it all back, please don't hate me.

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Tim said...

Srange, strange boy. Yet mildly entertaining as I am procrastinating about doing a grant which is due in.....oh dear god....a few minutes....