10 December 2008

Egg Nog at Christmas

Hi Dr Bob!

I have a quick and hopefully entertaining question. Does Egg Nog at Christmas pose a health risk (aside from the obvious problems associated with intoxication)? I was hoping to make some for the crew, but it contains raw egg and I don't really want to be responsible for 10 other AYADs' deaths.

It probably fails the boil it, peel it, cook it or leave it rule, but I thought I'd check. One bright spark suggested that the alcohol "cured" any disease in the egg, but I didn't really believe them.


Ayad Intake 22


Isa said...


What was DR Bob's response? Or is he too busy dealing with the health crises of Intake 23 to care about the possible death of 10 Intake 22s from salmonella caused by ingesting raw egg??

Dash said...

no response.

i am actually pretty worried. found a website in the states that says 1 in 20 000 eggs is dangerous. That was obviously based in the States, so God knows what its like here...

What do you think? And what are the Intake 23 crises?

Isa said...

I honestly think Dr Bob gives us until the next intake arrives before he starts ignoring our emails!

His silence in response to an emailed photo of my infected finger led me to this opinion, and I reckon your no reply to the Egg-nog Question just proves it!

Dr Bob just no longer cares... :-(

Isa said...

P.S. I eat raw eggs all the time, in smoothies, dressings etc. I wouldn't worry about it! (But don't blame me if you get sick!!)

Dash said...

waaaaahhh Dr Bob was so nice!

OK, I'm gonna go for it. But if you don't hear of me past Christmas, I hope you have a guilty conscience for life!