29 December 2008

Incendiary Devices and Emails

Two bombs were set off about two days ago.  At the moment I know very little about it, other than "stay away from garbage piles (impossible BTW, they're everywhere) in the early morning" and "large crowds" (ummmmm....is anyone else a little sick of the government rhetoric for Australians in ANY foreign country?).

What I do know is that one was set off at the gate to the airport, responsibility claimed by a gropup from the Terai - sort of making it unrelated to the political argument mentioned in the last post, and another near the oldest high school in town - unsure whether related or not.  I think one person was injured.  The following is an email trail from today, where I tried to unravel more of the mystery.  [It should be noted, that while I sit back enjoying 24/7 power like a king, my fellow travellers are suffering through 13 hours per day of load shedding/sharing (as announced today)].

Rob: Do you guys know more about the explosions from the other day?  I haven’t got a paper yet.  Apparently the one near the airport was claimed by a group from the Terai.
Avi:  I havent' heard anythign and to be honest, am more interested in the new load shedding schedule...is that terrible of me?
Rob: It strikes me as weird.  But then, I don’t think about the load shedding schedule, so maybe I’m the terrible one.
[added 1/1/2009] Avi: it's all about the hot showers rob. where to find one, how to make sure it lasts long enough so you actually get clean. Separatist nationalist movements pale in comparison to this.

PS. I'm fine, statistics show I'll be fine*.  Foreigners were not targeted during the revolution**. I'm smiling still, so you should too...well - a prayer or two would be nice if you are religious.


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Stay safe, Dash. x