19 January 2009

A Sense of Confidence

I should be posting happy glowy feely stuff before my parents arrive on
Sunday, but I can't help myself. At the moment I am a paranoid
hypochondriac that talks about bombs, anti-government sentiment and
negativity in the workplace. Bird Flu is currently being fought off at the
border with India, with human infections reported in China. People are
warning us off chickens and eggs, which I can live with as I really don't
eat a great deal of chicken here, but its becoming increasingly impossible
to walk around the corner without expecting to get killed by something
sinister and horrible. Avi sent me this, because she's always so good at
cheering me up:

"Don't know about eggs.....but we could all get hit by a bus tonight (knock
wood), so the real question is - who the hell wants to be a vegan if it
could all end tomorrow!?"


po said...

Sounds hectic over there right now, no wonder you can't tune it all out, if your life could hang on what is happening around you!

Amy xxoo said...

just focus on showing your parents the beauty of Nepal and hopefully their enthusiasm will bring you back round to a brighter view...

Dash said...

if we didn't have the gov't and bird flu and crazy lawless teenagers, then what would we have to complain about. i should be thanking them.

on the upside, on monday i am heading out of town with the parentals for some nice chill out time...

Isa said...

Yay, enjoy chill-out-time Dash, you deserve it!