05 March 2009

Medicated Haze

Tonight I wandered out to grab some more vitamins.  Less than a week until my friends arrive and a few days after that we set out on our trek...I MUST GET BETTER!  

I'd been home all day, kind of in and out of sleep.  I have been using every little trick I have learned in my 25 years of life to get better.  They're probably clashing against one another. 

There's the lemon, honey tea trick.  My aunt imparted this one.  She juice about 5 lemons, heated it up, whacked in a tea bag and added some honey.  I don't know if it worke,d but it tasted amazing, although at the time I thought it was a collosal amount of lemons.  Because I wasn't in the mood to hunt down some lemons, I have to make do wtih lemon flavoured dissolvable multi-vitamins.

Lemonade.  My mother always encouraged me to drink plenty of lemonade to get some sugar and energy into me as well as to get the fluids moving.  She also, as previously mentioned is a huge fan of lemsip - a sort of lemon /drug cocktail available back home.

Books and music.  I have always found that the best reading can be done when confined to bed.  I polished off Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince one day when I was home with [edit],  SO I have almost finished our latest booclub book, "Saving Fish From Drowning".  A book with a fantastic premise - great introduction, very interesting main character.  Unfortunately it seems that the introduction was the peak of the story and the main character died in the first chapter.  Oh well, at least part of it was good.

The music helkps me sleep.  For some reason when I hear the voices of my favourite bands singing familiar songs it rocks me to sleep as if I were on a train.  

So there I was at 8pm...the power just gone out.  Medicated, wearing my pajamas and wandering the aisles of my corner supermarket on the hunt for more vitamins like a junkie from Robocop.  I was wearing brown leather shoes with my long blue pajama pants.  I was wobbly and kept holding my head.  To add to my appearance, I had forgotten to put my glasses on before leaving the house.   So I was squinting at everyone.  The best part was that nobody thought I was acting strangely.  All the guys working in the shop now recognise me and it was just another day.  

I don't know why, but I am constantly surprised that I live here now.  People know me here.  They accept me as just another person not an odd (or off) foreigner to be gaped at.



po said...

Heehee, you do sound a bit medicated in this post.

Poor you, I hope you can read it out soon!

Amy xxoo said...

You poor little fella - theres nothing worse than falling ill at a really inconvenient time.

Kind of wish i'd seen you stumbling around your supermarket like a cracked homeless guy tho....

Isa said...

Get better soon Rob-ji!

But maybe lay off the artificial lemon-flavoured tabs and hunt down the real thing? Plus don't forget honey, nature's antispetic and very soothing on the throat!

BTW, I can't believe you guys have supermarkets!! Lucky lucky!

Tim said...

Look homeless guy, one post - you are being called a whitey from mangy dogs - and in the next - you are being accepted! Those crazy Nepali!!!!!

Kez said...

get well soon!!!!!!!!!!