02 March 2009

The Small Things

A friend of mine recently said, "Enjoy yourself Rob, keep enjoying the little things."  She's been awfully happy and bright with herself recently, so I thought it was a rather easy thing to say.  But I gave it a go anyway.  It was remarkably refreshing.  I think it's been a long time since I really did that.  I'm not sure why it is, but immediately after she said it, I was seeing them everywhere.

After getting off the phone from a great talk with my girlfriend, I ran down the road to grab some dinner.  As I walked, Jebediah - La Di Da Daa came on from my playlist.  Its a great soundtrack to this post.

At a restaurant I was at in Nargarkot the generator kicked in and Bob Marley started winding up on the CD player.  Immediately, the wind also picked up and the tree outside the window started dancing.

Riding past Ratna Park (the busy bus hub of the city), a minivan screamed past me, literally bulging with the amount of people inside, the 'conductor' had his head out the window screaming out the bus' destinations.  On the back window was a sticker "Welcome to Nepal".

As I was riding to the lookout above Nargarkot a dog started running alongside.  I think it could have been the same one that went up theree with Dilli and me last time. Or perhaps,tht's just an active imagination.

A boy gave me a red flower.

At Shivapuri (recent festival), my neighbours stole wood from the construction site next to our compound and we had a fire in our courtyard and shared popcorn, while everyone laughed at my inability to understand Crazy Neighbour Lady's rants.

An old man grinned at me while I was on the way to work thing morning.


po said...

Beautiful post Dash. Loved it.

Amy xxoo said...

Sounds like you've discovered the basis of my own " smile challenge " that i had going on... and doesnt it seem to be working ?

Lets all get happy!

Yeti said...

beautiful, and good advice. and i LOVE nagarkot. spent quite some time there in 2008. breathtaking.

Tamara said...

This is a great post. Makes me want to go out and spot the good stuff.

Thanks, Dash.

Dash said...

glad you guys liked it - are you going for the positive re-enforcement technique?

Kez said...

I seriously have memories attached to that Jebs song. i hadn't heard it in ages! Thanks for reminding me of it!

Dash said...

Jeb was the shizzle. Them playing at the Arena is Brisvegas was the first and easily the best concert I ever went to.

He's been doing some solo stuff recently under the name Bobby Evans. Have you heard any? I need to get some more.